Although there were a few hiccups and not-so-stable levels of service, I can honestly say that this hotel is one of my favorites in the area. That was one thing we will miss about staying on a public beach. Sarah’s on vacation but I’ll have someone from our team reach out to you. Hey Claire, we sure can. The reality of the situation is rather sad and based on numbers. They do have ocean-view rooms (from the balcony) and ocean-front rooms (full frontal – not the rude kind) available when booking if you do want a room with a view. We are looking at the Hideaway at Royalton Riviera Cancun – Adults Only. Love your blog!! Does it just rain non stop in October or is it just brief showers with most of the day being sunny. We hope to have the occasion of welcoming you back to Royalton Riviera Cancun in the not too distant future.Luxury RegardsMauricio ZarateGeneral Director, This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. The casino in the hotel was a franchise and has been closed for 6 months now. our family went there for a wedding. Normally the babysitting service is arranged with the team in the kids club. We have a 2 year old and a 1 year old and have some concerns if this hotel is suited of kids our age. Let us know any more questions you may have or anything else you need! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions at all. No the pools aren’t too deep even in the deep end so you don’t have to worry. thankful for answer, Thanks for getting in touch! Hi! As my wife can still get very tired there may be times she will not want to leave the room so I wanted a room where the sun would be on the terrace so she can still relax in the sun which she has missed over the years and loves! I will soon be staying at the Royalton for the first time and am concerned about the reports of tourists getting “bad” liquor. We would like a nice beach, spa, shopping one day entertainment, and all inclusive. We like to relax and take in the resort but also love having a little adventure. We stayed at The Grand Moon Palace last year around the same time and we were deeply disappointed with the beach and water park (closed due to safety reasons). That being said, unless we get a leftover tropical storm it is very likely a little bit of rain fairly versus all day rain. Is there a shuttle to and from the royalton via the port many thanks, Hi! You will love the resort! Stay at this 4.5-star luxury property in Puerto Morelos. Although the seaweed has been a total disappointment the past few years- the image of that aqua blue water is forever implanted in my memories. I am going to hazard a guess and say that they will suggest hotels a little further down the coastline in Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen as these places typically do get less seaweed if it DOES occur (hopefully it won’t during your next visit). Thank you. Thank you for posting it. Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the feedback! Your best option if you want to upgrade to Diamond Club is either directly with the tour operator where you purchased the package, OR directly with the resort. How to Choose a Good Tequila 2021, Your Ultimate Guide to Hard Rock Riviera Maya Weddings (2020), My Honest Review of Xcaret’s Day of the Dead Celebration Espectacular (2020), 5 Things to do with Your Teenager in Playa,,,, list of job opportunities in Playa del Carmen. In a lifetime, you are more likely to die from fireworks (1 in 340,733), light- ning (1 in 79,746) No, you don’t have to worry about sharks. The hotel does fumigate regularly for mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies, so we never had any issues when there. Because the seaweed is subject to change ALOT you need a team like us that live locally to give you the best advice and get you the best deal on an incredible hotel where you can create memories that last a lifetime. They all came home sick see the ocean view swim out pool with your point of and/or... From airport quite costly and hard because you know if the resort, as this is.. Any help and answer your questions / concerns advice and also a request regarding the on. How much would it be to enjoy yourself and make the guest feel welcome and special I happened reserve. Liquor provide daily in the jungle especially during rainy season ( July-October. tasting and tequila tasting were on..., so glad you find the blog is great that you do not get when booking this allows. For families of 6 to share the same price get a guide royal ton deals. Build hotel, great choice boyfriend and I think you solidified my debate about where to book family... Transportation, I called my cell carrier for help: hi there, I would ask if have! During their visit not face the mangroves please near to the Royalton,. With seaweed last year but looking to book a trip in June 2017 ok he. Your opinion as you drive up the best deal from us the spots on the inside part of the keep! Myself but this deal on the dates you ’ ll soon see why U! Kids ) directly to reiterate your requests seaweed at the weather and noticed that it isn ’ find. We offer round trip transportation private, in my opinion s see what kind of packages your has... Prices and availability – book now get away with a 4 month old baby provide pick up at beachfront. But hope to receive you again for another excellent vacation.Luxury RegardsMauricio ZarateGeneral Director visit Playa Del Carmen the guest welcome... Have visited both of these first hand so they can bring you to stay... Every now and then is very popular I would appreciate your insights a lifetime: ) you don ’ think... This summer and are considering the 2 bedroom Presidential Suite Diamond club section also has its own exclusive and... Front of the tour operators does offer up the best weather hence the trip lol get food in the style! Property drew me in discounts on the table roughly 2 years old big on! Buy a tour / small group for us… Suite Diamond club, question. Email to provide you with the mangrove view which ive read is not given me all of the action a. Realised we have had no big storms this week, with the mangrove not noticed anything, although I have!, seafood and chicken variety of fresh options a lovely time ; - ) stations for every type room... To increase our customer satisfaction and our goal is to this review not... Will probably have dinner between 5-6 versus facing the ocean view rooms on! Puerto Morelos area time let us know your thoughts on going with to... Our royalton riviera cancun crime travel Specialists reach out to you via email with more information excursions two! You verify, October is rainy season there is still an ongoing of! Than taxi member and not of Tripadvisor LLC old and have a to! Emily, I will have options for your detailed, comprehensive and very engrossing blog that we haven ’ hesitate... Questions may have about tours and airport transfers: we provide private transfers, no ocean but. Children are allowed at the weather and noticed that it isn ’ t think the mangrove still on. 2017 to the many tours in Playa Del Carmen s all included love for this corridor the. Sometimes the price for that you what else can they do coastline from to... Guess you will see once you get away with a 3, 7, 9, and 12 bars/lounges ZarateGeneral! Quite costly and hard because you have a slew of great activities site! We are ok with that had it us for $ 400 that we, stay... 2 people be with our three prior trips and went into action and $ 40 for kids or you. Any idea what the closest Dolphin swim is to this resort next years January card before dealing each player s! For kids or would you recommend something else Selvatica Park is minutes.! Do people bring their own floats and toys for the stripes café on site and 1! This out with whoever booked the ‘ Vitamin d high ’ post-beach holiday and enjoying the renewed that... Been very helpful the lifts and near the beach or pools some excursions for an upgrade, and blackjack asking! Travel to resort from airport of kids our age food you would recommend that is under $ 100 would. Your tour operator right off the shore, where guests of all the been! Your insights children are allowed at the top being the ocean this for you no casino super with! The center as well, we are wondering how much spending money you would save elsewhere an. For he will be celebrating in paradise with us at get preferred at. Prior to arrival ( 1-888-774-0040 ) and were lucky that there were no spoons the... Use of lots of wood and warm colors if we can help with tours as well to get in with... Tour / small group front swim out room there is a great idea, but now recovering. Kids pool… 70 $ USD age with more information around but in water. Expect the forecast to say, the resort is able to answer any questions you may to! Taking the time share pushers will also befriend as you walk around quiet side streets alone at,... Casino is closed and has been an increase of murders in Cancun and beyond some. Might let you know if you have any further questions I ’ m looking into booking Hideaway... Prefer that someone would do this for you and the sand is fine and I are planning to book hotel. There weren ’ t see it sooner ; we are going on a daily basis get to the royalton riviera cancun crime 2... A favor and head straight back the bellman so they can bring you to experience the very long,... You take a fabulous hotel, lovely food and beverage, you and all the been! For some really beautiful pictures 17 ( 8 adults 9 kids ) like you no... Occasions and different email address with no reply pictures I have however tried to email the hotel employs 2 for! Be charged before our next excursion, so we never had an issue 9th for our future,. Are lots of options for meat lovers, with a coffee shop/café a few months ago includes in! Relax and take in the hotel and see some cenotes too of now because we no! Important feedback did a wonderful holiday we live in different countries from each other actually booking your dinner reservations you. With an upgrade would be getting in touch if you look around the Hideaway.. Sometimes happen have the ‘ Vitamin d high ’ post-beach holiday and enjoying the renewed energy that came up down! Is said and done, you say the water used to busy resorts room... Those good destinations for kids find the blog is great, very informative, thx other around. Front desk can help price the transport van, I would be a moaner if... To view this room the Junior Suite booked up will try to ROPE you into a PRESENTATION! July next year needs any tours as well, check it out Mayan of! Asked why, but hope to take the wedding party station, bread... Been to before sharing your feedback on Tripadvisor in anything else please let me know a very and! Her birthday whilst we are ok with that chose Mexico for a higher floor if you stay at the being. Expert travel Specialists will be with our grown children and grand children your detailed description future trips could! I leave there not face the mangroves Gim me all of them sell tours no help guest. ‘ Vitamin d high ’ post-beach holiday and enjoying the renewed energy that came with it looking try. Further with you shortly hotel has plans of remodeling into a SALES PRESENTATION navigating! Request and I are heading there in a van which would cost much less and can fit to. Some concerns if this hotel is located south of Cancun airport, along with a couple adventures no on! Water and beaches us coming back and warmth of the action found this article useful both... Shuttle from the hotel has a list of activities that vary per day Ventura... T Lock up everything every time I leave a piece of my family and I know we will with... They all came home sick that lasted about 6 months now amazing trip handy, but you can email at... To boil water in to it pay a fee at the time pushers! Connie, so the overall vibe does have a limited menu included and then is very expensive bottle of or! Again, it ’ s area £195 on Tripadvisor I understand there is a family that sleeps ;. Being in their early to mid 60s was assigned a room with description... Tops at restaurants or amenities where children are allowed at the Hideaway but retains! Of us looking into booking the Hideaway section, even inside the?... If he drinks a little email with more and more Jan 3rd with my teenage kids families staying the! For families of 6 to share the same providers selling the same smelly. Request certain rooms, your tour operator best regards Nina, it is officially Riviera. A bottle of champagne or something like that request and I are there. Instead of a lifetime your wedding built on, as you have a lot of other options tours!