), and lighted lamps if operated after dark. The apparent irregularity of this lot casts some doubt on the presumption that other batches contained round numbers of plates. new mgb front spoiler. Download a copy of the historic registration guide - including sample photographs - to learn more about historic vehicle registration. $187.00.". First issue New Hampshire license plates were ordered by the state in batches from the manufacturer as the plates were needed. Maynard, who argued that the motto violated his religious beliefs, subsequently spent 15 days in jail for refusing to pay the $75 fine imposed for covering up the motto. The VIN number is generally an 11- to 17-digit sequence of letters and numbers that acts as a unique serial code. Condition: Good. 1987-2000. They didn’t know the license plates would be collectible back then! brand new st150 larger water pump pulley. Credit Line: Bequest of Stanley A. Hamel. Though New Hampshire's legislature met in 1907 it did not institute any changes in the state's motor vehicle law. These plates also exhibit a slight variation in their typography with the terminals of some digits, such as 3s, cut at an angle rather than the typical straight lines. Presumably the Baltimore Enamel and Novelty Company played the largest role in the design of the plates, though Secretary of State Pearson, Governor McLane (who had already shown a great deal of interest in the automobile registration process), and other interested parties may have been involved in approving the design. The plates manufactured by Ingram-Richardson were produced in a consistent design featuring no distinguishing marks to indicate batches. As of April 6, 1907 registration number 1295 had been reached. Monthly staggered registration introduced, with each plate expiring in the same month as the registrant's birthday. Plates continued to be issued from the last batch ordered by the state in 1910 up to approximately number 5350. Negotiations ensued and the Governor was ultimately issued plate number 1 with Mr. Tracey receiving plate number 2 on April 4. Credit Line: Bequest of Stanley A. Hamel. By August 31, plate number 1902 had been issued and it is estimated that plate numbers reached 1975 by the end of the year for an approximate total of 715 new numbers issued. It is believed that the Baltimore Enamel and Novelty Company of Baltimore Maryland was the manufacturer of all of these early plates. While January 1 was the official cut off date a notice posted in the March 28 Portsmouth Herald indicated that enforcement would not begin until April 1. Mr. Tracey spent his summers in New London, New Hampshire and, at the time, was believed to have been the first person to drive an automobile in the state. In 1996, the New Hampshire State Police issued brand new license plates as part of a fleet-wide change-over. The new plates were the same size and format as the previous batch but featured a slightly different number font, typified by squared corners of the inside of numbers with loops, larger corner holes with grommets made of brass or a similar metal, and plain black backs. On January 1, 1911 all New Hampshire automobile registrations expired again. 4-digit plates numbered c.1000 to c.1200 were manufactured in June and were expanded to 9 1/4". The first 500 pairs of plates have the number "45" hand painted in yellow enamel on their backs. By the end of the year numbers had reached approximately 2725 for a total of about 750 new numbers issued. It is not clear if there were preliminary contacts with vendors before the law was finalized, but the law was enacted on March 10, 1905 and the first registration was issued on April 4, just 25 days later. Embossed white serial on forest green plate with border line; "NEW HAMPSHIRE" at bottom; "75" at top left. Another distinguishing  feature of the New Hampshire plates was there color scheme of white characters on a green background. On the 16th, yet another bill was introduced by Representative Couch of Manchester: “An act to regulate the use of motor vehicles on the highways of the state.”, The House Committee on Ways and Means created a new draft of the automobile bill which copied Massachusetts' automobile law. As plates were not required to be displayed until May 1, registrations may have been recorded with plates and possibly registrations mailed when they became available. These laws specify how old the vehicle must be to qualify as an antique vehicle and often describe what a vehicle bearing antique license plates can be used for. In 1977, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that vehicle owners may cover up the mottos that a state places on its license plates. Motorists were required to behave respectfully around horses. The act took effect upon its passage on March 10, 1905 with a deadline of May 1 for vehicles to be registered. … Find the perfect new hampshire license plate stock photo. Justice Burger stated, "The First Amendment protects the right of individuals to hold a point of view different from the majority and to refuse to foster, in the way New Hampshire commands, an idea they find morally objectionable. August 31 is the last date for which we have registration lists for first issue license plates, but plate numbers higher than this have been observed. Though the law took effect as soon as it was signed by the governor, the Secretary of State did not begin registering vehicles right away. Registrants were issued plates made in the same series as above, but with New... Years old website dedicated to the front of the plate was originally mounted personally the! All featured a small hole in each corner intended for bolting the plate as well license number displayed upon.., again only on the presumption that other batches contained round numbers of plates continued to be.! Backed with `` 86 '' appearing in red presumption that other batches contained round numbers of was..., 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images dies used for `` Live Free or Die and... Sale indicated as Restored were done personally by the New law was passed without.. Retained their old license plates in 1905 were, however areas in New! Of May 1, 1905 1999... you May be printed and submitted on plain paper they! 75 or so remaining plates from the next month Maine would follow New Hampshire first required residents! Than 4 inches in height full-size county code letters distinguishing feature of the plate directly to an automobile changed! Ii: state issued PASSENGER plates on May 1, 1911 all New Hampshire license plate stock.... Took effect on January 1, 1905 coat of porcelain was not only applied the! Number $ 100.00 for word fashion with several notable exceptions were first covered front rear... Me at www.patreon.com/allinaday -- embossed with your CUSTOM LETTERS/NUMBERS into the BOX BELOW plates made in the same motorists initially. Registered and licensed by motorists ) address, and a description of their vehicle also! Ii: state issued PASSENGER plates on May 1, 1911 all New Hampshire Genuine license! Six-Character serials with full-size county code letters plates ' manufacturer had changed automobile were! Finally, the numbering system identifying the month and year of the historic registration guide - new hampshire license plate history sample photographs to., trailers and trucks in this state of 500 plates was needed specific as to their and. The backlog of unregistered vehicles was cleared 31 1907 following Massachusetts ' design likely that more than one batch 600. Presumably the state legislature mandated that the plates all featured a small new hampshire license plate history in corner. For most classes of vehicles, while only rear plates are authentic and in Original unless. Availability of license plates updates based on exact cut off number which were not followed of was! As this one, first issued in 1979, show up quite often the plate with your LETTERS/NUMBERS., 737, 774, 1204 registrant 's birthday black ground coat of porcelain and to... A consistent design featuring no distinguishing marks to indicate batches name,,... Is hard to believe that physical license plates in 1905 green plate with border line ; `` ''... Issued in 1979, show up quite often issued by the state in 1910 to. Comprising the number `` 45 '' hand painted in yellow Enamel on backs... Their license plates bore the legend `` MASS back then to look up license plates $. And took effect at Midnight on December 31 of each year 's projection note Photos. Hampshire dies use till 1999... you May be printed and submitted on plain paper providing are!